Akron: Tattooed Bodies Detox Differently – Does Yours?

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Akron Tattooed Bodies Detox Differently

If you have a tattoo in Akron it may be affecting the way your body eliminates toxins. Read on and check out the video for solutions to stay healthy AND keep the body art that you love!

Do tattoos contain heavy metals?

Short answer, yes, they do. 

What is the health impact of a black and white versus a color tattoo?

The colored inks that are often used in styles of tattooing such as Watercolor, New School, and sometimes in Japanese or Neo Traditional tattoos, contain more heavy metal toxicity than the black and white ink often used in Tribal and Realism tattoos.

7 Health Facts About Colored Tattoo Ink

  1. High levels of Mercury (red ink) can cause dysfunction in the brain, lymphatic system, thymus gland, spleen and the immune system
  2. High levels of Iron (black ink) most commonly impact the liver, heart, and pancreas
  3. High levels of Cobalt (blue ink) can cause problems with the thyroid and heart
  4. High levels of Lead (green ink) are linked to dysfunction in the kidneys, central nervous system, bones, liver, and sometimes the gastrointestinal system if the kidneys are involved
  5. High levels of Cadmium (yellow ink) impact the breasts, heart, gastrointestinal system, central nervous system, and kidneys
  6. High levels of Manganese (purple ink) is actually very rare but when it does occur it often presents as impaired judgement, weak memory, with symptoms that look similar to Parkinson’s, or as problems in the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, or renal area
  7. High levels of Zinc (white ink) can impact the health of the liver and increase risk of autoimmune disease

The “Shocking” Truth!

Heavy metals are naturally electroconductive. So when you have a large amount of the skin, the body’s largest organ, covered in tattoo ink, it causes the entire body to be more electric. For example, if you have a full sleeve and back tattoo, you may find yourself getting static shock when walking across the carpet in your socks and then reaching for a door knob. This kind of thing may be a common occurrence for you and not for your non-tatted friends. Well, now you know why! You are more conductive. 

The Sweat Test

It is common for tattoo ink to block the pores of the skin. This is important because the body only has 3 primary ways of removing toxins – through urine, feces, or sweat. Sweating things out of the body through the pores of the skin is one of your body’s primary detoxification processes. So next time you are working out or in a sauna, look at the areas of tattoo ink and see if you are sweating where there is ink. If you are not able to sweat in those areas, then you need to find additional ways to help the body eliminate toxins. 

So As Someone Who Has Tattoos, What Does This Mean For You?

It means that you have to take unique action steps to be sure your body is able to circumnavigate the decreased ability to eliminate toxins and the increase in heavy metal load.

3 Solutions to Keep Healthy AND Keep The Body Art You Love! 

  1. Detox Through Your Feet! Did you know that if you were to put a piece of garlic in your sock, you would taste it in less than 10 minutes? That’s how large and absorbent the pores on your feet are! Therefore, if the skin is unable to release toxicity, something like a foot detox bath or herbal detox pads on the bottoms of the feet can help the body lighten some of its toxicity load.
  2. Increase Alkalinity. Heavy metals are acidic and can make the body acidic too. Since all the fluid in our bodies (except stomach acid) must remain at an alkaline pH to function properly, eating a wide variety of alkaline foods like leafy greens can help keep your pH more balanced. Helpful Tip – you cannot short cut this by drinking alkaline water, it works best with just good old real foods!
  3. A Heavy Metal Removal Program. You can work with a qualified doctor or practitioner who is experienced in heavy metal removal. Often other areas of the body like the liver need support first before it is safe to begin removing heavy metals and even then the body can only eliminate one or two heavy metals at a time. So it is important to find a practitioner who is familiar with this process. 

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