Goal setting and why you need this Akron

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Goal setting?
So our day to day is littered with tasks , some important some not so and some are just essential rubbish that’s sadly a necessary evil.

So why do it? Well because life that’s why! We got to pay bills, we got to make sure food is on the table and the ones we look after furry, little us, relatives , loved ones all matter and you matter too!

Ok everything is just a jumble!
If anyone has looked after kids maybe you will relate to this but the busiest person ever is a kid 5 mins before bed that’s a scientifically proven universal fact!

This sounds easy and possibly patronising?
Maybe and if it does I’m afraid I have zero apologies for you but this is aimed at those that maybe struggling with mental illness and just need a steer in the right direction this is for you guys I have got you’re backs guys!

What is this magic of what you speak you outrageously handsome bastxrd?
It’s a a handy tool too help you helping you! And I shall break it down!

G= goal , what is it you want to achieve? Can apply to anything from going to the shops too apply for space program but try using it for little things too and this is really helpful if you write down.

R= reality, I’m going to be harsh apply realism but not excuses there is a difference. So example would be…….. I want to lose 1kg of body weight in a month, so the reality is yes it is a realistic goal.

O= options , these are the stepping stones to achieve the goal you’ve set yourself good to have different options to follow just in case one way doesn’t work out be flexible to change and try not to stress about these things.

W= willingness , you need to want it, whatever the motivation to set yourself on this path just check in with yourself that you want it.

We don’t often give ourselves credit for being us PTSD and mental health problems aren’t easy to deal with that’s why they are illnesses so try not to be harsh and write off yourself before you try you can achieve greatness you just got too be ready to risk it for a biscuit.

If this seems abit hard or complicated let’s look at a pic

As you see the wee man wants to get to the other side of the water. He can do it! His options are 1 step at a time toward other side. He is willing! He done it!

And that folks is goal setting in a handy way too remember!

Thank you for reading and good luck in the world 🖤


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