Life is Trauma

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First of all reader congratulations on making it this far you are doing well keep pushing!

Shit happens, how many times have you heard that?
How many times is it true?
The only person in this amazing beautiful dangerous world that you control is you. People are free to make own decisions and at times we are wounded by consequences of their actions whilst having nothing to do with what’s going on in their head in the 1st place.

As children we are vulnerable and even through to late teens we need help to fly the nest. In the perfect world we have 2 loving parents (who cares about what sex long as they love the kid) an extended family and friends all loving too meet the kids emotional needs.
But life isn’t like that, each one of those people probably have own worries and problems , maybe parents lives are stressful? Lots of factors I’m sure you will agree that are not the kids fault?

Responsibilities, this may not be an easy read.
We live , we love, we have children and we die, seems to be standard blue print of life for most people and if lucky you get through 60- 100 yrs relatively in one piece.
But what if you don’t ?

Again I will mention the only person you actually control the actions of in life is you!

Some will get hurt physically and mentally by others, some will lose those closest , some will witness the unimaginable and some will be afflicted by illness.
All of which are out of our control it’s life my friends they are simply too many variables to predict in order to protect and we simply can’t avoid everything otherwise life won’t be good we would spend it hidden away.

So if we as most do live our lives make our choices and take risks then why to we blame everything else for when things go wrong!? Why?
My theory on this is because it is not easy looking at yourself and saying I chose that life and this was a result!
Once these things happen and it’s done it is up too you how too live you can blame others, blame circumstances blame the universe it’s all the same but one thing you need too do is take responsibility for yourself and especially you’re actions.

Life and direction of it is in our hands , regardless of what happens we must push on, we owe it too ourselves and loved ones not to be bitter or twisted by our past and any views or judgement that effects our outlook in life.

We get one shot at this , a one life only game live it and be the best you can be. Have faith in yourself and love yourself even when you think no one else does! I am proud of my diverse heritage and below is a Maori proverb simple but essential.


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